About Me

My name is Tiffany Baker. I'm sure you’re wondering who the hell Tyler is, so let me explain. Tyler is what people would call my 'alter ego.' Believe it or not, I’ve been mistaken for a man more times than I can count. With my Afro and my physique, I have a pretty perfect storm to cause confusion… so much confusion that my best friends who have witnessed strangers calling me “sir” on several occasions, started referring to me as “Tyler.” That’s really all there is to it.

No, no I don't find it offensive to have features that people associate with masculinity. This duality is something I have learned to love and appreciate. It is something that has empowered me to liberate myself from society's expectations of what women and men ought to do, wear, say, or feel.

 I am a woman who has chosen to stop shying away from being "too muscular” or being "too tall”, and to instead make the most of my versatility in an industry that, coincidentally, has told me the exact same things.

“Ty Baker” is a reflection of the coexistence and fluidity of Tiffany and Tyler through my art, my passion, my work as a model.

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